Number Line Builder

Create printerable number line. Integers, Decimals, Fractions and etc.

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The Number Line is a vital tool that aids in comprehending numerical concepts. The Number Line Builder has been meticulously designed to offer a convenient means of generating number lines, assisting children in grasping mathematical principles.

Types of Numbers Supported

Our Number Line Builder accommodates a wide range of numbers, including integers, decimals, and fractions. It effortlessly displays these numerical formats on the number line. For instance, you can input integers like "3" and "-5," decimals such as "3.5" and "-12.4," or fractions like "1/4" and "-3/6." Additionally, it handles mixed fractions such as "3 1/2" or "-0 1/2."

Special Numerical Values

Incorporate special numbers into your number lines with ease. Apply masks to numbers, replacing them with symbols or placeholders. For fractions, you can choose to conceal either the numerator or denominator, tailoring your number lines to specific needs.
special number replace with placeholder
special number replace with symbol
fraction, mixed-fraction with numinator placeholder
Placeholder in numerator
fraction, mixed-fraction with denominator placeholder
Placeholder in denominator

Sequences of Numbers

Effortlessly create sequences of numbers on your number line by specifying the start number, end number, and interval. These sequences can comprise integers, decimals, or fractions, depending on the type of numbers used in the interval.
integers sequence
decimals sequence
fractions sequence
mixed-fractions sequence
Mixed fractions
You also have the option to reduce fractions to their simplest form automatically.
fraction sequences without reducing
reducing fraction sequences

Concealing Numbers in Sequences

Our "Hide Numbers" feature allows you to selectively hide numbers in a sequence, replacing them with symbols or placeholders. You can identify numbers either by their exact value or by their position in the sequence, indicated by the "#" symbol.
hide number in sequence
Hide Numbers: 1,2,4
hide number by index in sequence
Hide Numbers: #2, #4, #7

Arrows & Blocks for Clarity

Enhance your number lines with arrows and blocks. Arrows denote addition and subtraction, while multiple arrows or blocks illustrate multiplication and division. This feature serves as a powerful visual aid in explaining concepts like fractions and decimals.
arrow line indicate plus
arrow line indicate minus
arrow lines show how multiply and divide work
Mulitply & Divide
blocks show how multiply and divide work

Printing and Downloading

Once you've customized your number line worksheet, you can easily print it or download it in its entirety. Additionally, you have the option to save individual number lines as images by hovering over the desired line and selecting "Save as Image."