Cube Tutorial

Rubik's Cube is a popular game for more than 20 years. But it is hard to be solved without any tutorial.

Now, Cube Totorial gives you a way to learn the 6 faces solution interactively from your iPhone. It is easy and quick.
You can play Rubik's cube when you travelling. The application give you the most helpful reference when you forget the formula.
You can study the cube with the application and make it easy to be understood.

It is not a application that shows how quickly computer can solve Rubik's cube.
It is ALSO not a application which simulate the operations with Rubik's cube.
But it is a good application with your new Rubik's cube, if your want to conquer the question by your own intelligence.

There are several features in this application:
* Here is a full tutorial with little formula to remember.
* Every formula are demostrated step by step, easy for new player to learn.
* An interactive reference helps you to find the symbols used in solving Rubik's cube.
* You can rotate the cube in demostration and look it from differet aspects. It helps you to understand the formula deeply.





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